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Offer people a new creed with a costume and their hearts and minds will follow.

Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
Good Omens
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Steve and Bucky share an apartment. They are poor, so poor. The temperature is mentioned at least once (either too hot or too cold). The fact that they live in Queer Brooklyn and know queerness exists is mentioned. Some extra with an Irish or Italian name or veeeery occasionally a Jewish name is mentioned in passing. No other groups lived in New York in this time. It is a fact. If the person has an accent and just came over and only Steve in all of New York is ever kind to them, even better. If Steve gets beat up trying to defend them from Racists, even better than that. Steve gets beat up in an alley defending at least one marginalized person. Steve is also listed as defending women in bars. Bucky does not work in underpaid alley and bar defense. Bucky works by the docks. Underpaid. But always by the docks. Forever the docks. Brooklyn is 99% docks. Bucky works for Steve. Steve was and/or is sick. Steve is so incredibly good despite his sickness. Bucky cannot take his goodness. They say at least one movie catchphrase: ‘pal’, or ‘to the end of the line,’ but probably ‘punk.’ Punk. Punk. Punk. This is a queer phrase, did you know? Bucky maybe dates a girl or seven; who she is and whether they in fact know anyone else in the world is irrelevant. She is maybe a lesbian anyway which we all saw coming because this is Queer Brooklyn. Steve perhaps pines for Bucky but mostly Steve is Good. Bucky thinks about how he is going to afford the rent with all this Depression and also Steve’s sickness.


FFA writes a fanfic, part 2.


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It was so great that I clicked over to see the rest of the discussion and got side tracked into a different thread which was about trying to write well-rounded female characters in slashfic. Got depressed and had to leave quickly after that, because the slashfic thread was pretty much exactly the same as, say, a comics forum when someone suggests that maybe the way women in comics is drawn is a teensy bit sexist. 

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it’s not what you’re carrying but how you carry it

I mean literally—i went to the laundromat this morning and on the way there used my cheap crappy inefficient bag that is awkward and hard to carry. I got a mesh bag with handles from the store for the trip back, and you know what?

Same clothes. Same weight. 65% easier to carry because it’s just better-suited to the job.

Does that mean anything? Well, it’s also worth noting that the better bag is more expensive.

And I appreciated it more after using the crappy one for a while.

This just goes to show anything can be a metaphor so pick and choose with what is relevant to your life I guess.